NCBA Golf Series 2024

NCBA Golf Series 2024
is back!

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NCBA 2024 Golf Series Categories

NCBA Mug Nites

Introducing NCBA Mug Nites, where players from different clubs get to qualify and compete at the NCBA grand finale in December

Junior golf series

In our continued commitment to supporting golf in the country, NCBA is pleased to announce that as part of the ongoing NCBA Golf Circuit, the 4th Junior Golf Series.

Staff Golf Clinics

As part of this years NCBA Golf Series addition, our staff members shall be given opportunities to play in the series and also get slots to qualify for the Grand Finale.

Golf Sponsorships

2024 see us renew our partnership with the Kenya Golf Union and Junior Golf Foundation for the fourth consecutive year. The partnership valued over Ksh 18m, is aimed at talent development and elevating golf events in the country.

NCBA 2024 Golf Series Prizes

Tournament Prizes

A variety of trophies and exciting awards shall be given the NCBA 2024 Golf Series winners

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